Our Compliance

Our Compliance

Our Compliance

CX Financials advisor is required to file financial reports with regulators in the jurisdictions where we do business. We retain an international professional accountant firm to audit our financial statements. We compile and submit our financial data to regulators on a regular basis.

Financial regulations require CX Financials advisor to maintain capital reserves at specified levels.


CX Financials is committed to the highest standards of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and Anti-Terrorist Financing and requires the management, and employees to follow the named standards. Money laundering – the process of converting funds, received from illegal activities (such as fraud, corruption, terrorism, etc.), into other funds or investments that look legitimate to hide or distort the real source of funds.

    The process of money laundering can be divided into three sequential stages:

  • Placement. At this stage funds are converted into financial instruments, such as checks, bank accounts, and money transfers, or can be used for purchasing high-value goods that can be resold. They can also be physically deposited into banks and non-bank institutions (e.g., currency exchangers). To avoid suspicion by the company, the launderer may as well make several deposits instead of depositing the whole sum at once, this form of placement is called smurfing.
  • Layering. Funds are transferred or moved to other accounts and other financial instruments. It is performed to disguise the origin and disrupt the indication of the entity that made the multiple financial transactions. Moving funds around and changing in their form makes it complicated to trace the money being laundered.
  • Integration. Funds get back into circulation as legitimate to purchase goods and services.

Safety Of Funds

CX Financials client money management and compliance with Segregated Client & Operating Funds, Balance Sheets are audited annually by our statutory auditors appointed Externally using the ISO Global Standards.

CX Financials is also required to maintain Assets & Funds reports,. The purpose of the reports is to ensure that the CX Financials Clients Money & Operations remains reguular and comprehensive safeguarding Clients Interests.